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Home Tools Shop Electrofusion Welding

Electrofusion Welding

Founded in 1983, Caldervale Technology specialises in Electrofusion Welding Tooling.  They independently manufacture tools for plastic based water and gas distribution systems, catering to Plumbing and Civil Construction, and Pipeline Installers.  Their tooling is reliable, innovative and ensures safe and easy installation of PE pipe systems.  Their vast range of more than 200 products includes Electro-Fusion Control Units, Rotary Pipe Peelers, Pipe Squeeze Off Tooling, Pipe Clamps and Positioning Kits, Pipe Re-Rounding Equipment, and Pipe Cutting Tools.  They are the go-to manufacturer for electrofusion and butt fusion tooling, and even other pipe manufacturers consult with them with regards to finding solutions for plastic pipe systems installation problems.


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