Proxima Centaur 230v Electrofusion Control Unit

Price: $4,620.00 Ex GST: $4,200.00

Caldervale Technology


Proxima Centaur 230V - Flagship Product: manual and barcode, fixed cord, 4.0mm plugs, and barcode scanner

230V model with fusion data input from reading the fitting barcode with scanner or manual input of fusion time by pushbuttons.  Historical fusion data (Calder-safe Weld Analysis Software), memory capacity 750 fusion cycles, memory download onto USB data stick.

3 Conductor primary power supply cable (input cable) permanently fixed to aluminium casing, choice of connector plug.

Combined data and secondary power supply cord (output cord) with pigtails, permanently fixed to aluminium casing, fitting plugs with 4.0mm connectors.


Example of historical fusion data printout