Fluke 435-II Three-Phase Power Quality Analyser

The Fluke 435-II Power Quality Analysers help locate, predict, prevent and troubleshoot power quality problems in three and singles phase power distribution systems. Additionally, the Fluke-patented energy loss algorithm, Unified Power Measurement, measures, quantifies and monetises energy losses for to harmonics and unbalance issues, allowing the user to pinpoint the origin of energy waste within a system.

  • Patented energy loss management: Classic active and reactive power measurements unbalance and harmonic power and energy are quantified to pinpoint true system energy losses
  • Realtime PowerWave data capture: Capture fast RMS data, to show singles cycle RMS value to characterise electrical system dynamics (generator start-ups, UPS switching etc.)
  • Highest safety rating in the industry: CAT IV 600V/CAT II 1000V rated for use at the service entrance
  • Automatic transient mode: Capture 200 kHz waveform data on all phases simultaneously up to 6 kV
  • Fully Class-A complaint: Conduct tests according to the stringent international IEC 61000-4-30 Class-A standard intervals 
  • Troubleshoot real-time: Analyse the trends using the cursors and zoom tools even whole recording background recording continues
  • Measure all three phases and neutral: with included four iFlex Flexible current probes
  • Monetise energy loss caused by power quality issues
  • Three year warranty