Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager

2021 Fluke Upgrade Offers ii900 Sonic Imager

A fast, simple way to detect compressed air, steam, gas and vacuum leaks.

Equipped with an array of microphones for an expanded field-of-view, the handheld Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager enables maintenance teams to quickly and accurately locate air, gas and vacuum leaks in compressed air systems; even in noisy environments.

  •  7 inch 1280 x 800 LCD with captive touchscreen
  • Frequency band of 2 kHz to 52 kHz (detected 150ml/min leak at 7 bar for 10 mins)
  • SoundMap overlay for visual leak detection
  • Capture images in JPEG or PNG format with user input notes function
  • Capture videos in MP4 format
  • Manual frequency filtering
  • Two year warranty

SoundSight Technology

Specifically designed for noisy production facilities the new SoundSight Technology is simple to learn and easy to implement. The 7" LCD touchscreen overlays a SoundMap on a visual image for quick leak location identification. The straightforward, intuitive interface allows technicians to isolate the sound frequency of the leak to filter out loud background noise. In a matter of hours, the team can inspect the entire plant - during peak operations. For the first time, you can quickly and easily identify the air leak repairs needed to ensure efficient operations and reduce utility bills. Images can be saved and exported doe reporting purposes. Never leave air leaks unattended again. 

With minimal training, the ii900 enables you: 

  • Fast, simple leak location identification
  • Optimise air compressors - delay the capital expense of installing additional compressors
  • Ensure proper air pressure to pneumatic equipment
  • Lower energy and gas costs
  • Reduce leak detection time
  • Improve reliability of the production line 
  • Make leak detection part of the typical maintenance routine
  • Train the team in a matter of minutes
  • Validate repairs on the spot